Master 165g Drawing Book

Size : 375 x 275mm
Pages : 16 Sheets (Including Covers)

HEAVY WEIGHT PAPER : Strong toughness and durability of this drawing paper that can handle a variety of media, including crayon, charcoal, ink, water colour paint, pencil, pastel, and markers, while allowing more ink or paint to be held without bleeding through to the other side of the paper. It can withstand erasing, blending, and other techniques without tearing or smudging.
ACID FREE : We only use acid-free and PH-neutral drawing and painting paper. When artwork is created on acid-free paper, it is more likely to retain its value over time, and it has a balanced chemical composition that prevents it from yellowing or deteriorating over time, which means that the artwork will last for many years under normal use and storage conditions.
EASY-TO-REMOVE PAGES: Our sketch book paper that’s easy to remove from the pad with little tearing. This allows kids to effortlessly remove each page, and parents to display their children’s artwork.
WORKS WITH MULTIPLE ART SUPPLIES: This sketch book or drawing book can be used with a variety of media, including charcoal, marker, pastel, crayon, pencil, colored pencils, watercolor and poster colour. This makes it a popular choice among artists and designers who need a paper that can handle a range of techniques and styles. The paper’s absorbent surface allows for vibrant colors and sharp lines, making artwork appear more vivid and alive.
KEEPS KIDS ENTERTAINED: This sketch book is a high-quality art supply that helps kids explore their creativity. Maintaining an ample supply ensures kids always have materials for creative, screen-free fun.



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